The Carver Alumni Cornerstone Baptist Community Church Connection

       Described as having a zest for life, an infectious smile and endless energy, Alice Elizabeth Pearsall Williams (class of 1967) led as the second president of the Carver Alumni D.C. Metro Chapter.  Her spirit of heralding the needs of others mimics the generosity of her cornerstone church family.  Alice departed this life on February 16, 2004, leaving behind a ray of charity.
       The Cornerstone Church has continued to open its doors and heart to the D.C. arm of the Carver Alumni Association faithfully.  We are grateful to the spirit of benevolence demonstrated by the Reverend Charles Bynum, II and his church ministries.  It is their spirit that supports our mission to promote the principles of education, caring and serving that symbolize the Carver High School Legacy.  We work because we remember those who have guided and nurtured us.  We maintain our pledge to make evident our identity of assuming personal responsibility through ministering to the needs of others.
        Continued blessings upon the Cornerstone Baptist Community Church and all that you do!!