Volunteer, Service.....


Join one of the committees below and help your fellow alumni continue to make a difference in our home community.




The Membership Committee shall make personal contact with alumni, former students and other persons potentially eligible for membership in the Carver Alumni Association who have not participated in functions throughout the year and encourage them to join the Carver Alumni  Association and become active members in good standing. The Committee shall coordinate with the Secretary and shall notify the secretary of address changes, job changes, achievements and other pertinent information. The Secretary shall serve as an ex officio member of the committee.



The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for developing strategies and policies for fundraising.



The Public Relations Committee shall inform the public through the local media and otherwise of notable achievements of the Association and its members. The Committee also shall assist the ad hoc committees in securing publicity, as appropriate, for activities they undertake. The reporter shall serve as a member of the committee.



The Finance and Audit Committee shall prepare an annual budget for the Carver Alumni Association. The budget will be based on a fiscal year between July 1st  and June 30th  of the following year and shall be submitted to the membership for approval. The Committee shall



cooperate with the Treasurer to ensure that the expenditures are made in accordance with the budget. The Committee, at the close of each fiscal year, also shall conduct an internal audit of the financial records and transactions of the Carver Alumni Association. The Treasurer shall serve as an ex officio member of the committee.


The Program Committee shall establish an annual schedule of regular Board meetings and Carver Alumni Association activities that shall ensure that the schedule of activities consists of a well-rounded series of events designed to promote all aspects of the Carver Alumni Association's purpose.  The Committee shall coordinate its work with ad hoc committees established to organize and conduct Carver Alumni Association and throughout the year hall recommend necessary schedule revisions to the Board for approval.  The Vice President shall serve as an ex officio member of the Program Committee.


In election years the Election Committee shall select a nominee for each office of the Carver Alumni Association.  Nominees for office shall not serve on the Elections Committee.  The elections shall be held at the Annual Meeting and the names of the nominees shall  included in the notice of the Annual Meeting.