The Beginning of the ....Carver Cultural Center Steering Committee



During the fall of 2008, the Town of Mount Olive entered into an agreement with Wayne County Public Schools to lease the campus for a five year period for $1.00.  The partners included the Town of Mount Olive, the Carver High School Alumni and Friends, Inc., A Lot of Direction, Love and Affection (ADLA) and Wayne Uplift Resources Association, Inc.  Each entity would have the responsibility of providing utilities, upkeep of space and carry a liability insurance policy.  The players started to meet on a regular basis in late 2009.  The group named itself the Carver Cultural Center Steering Committee. 
A mission statement and by-laws were developed to govern the operation of the buildings under their jurisdiction.  The Town of Mount Olive was primarily interested in the use of the gymnasium to expand its Parks and Recreation program.  The gym is currently being used by elementary-aged youngsters, middle grades students, high school students and adults.  ADLA is dedicated to meeting the needs of at-risk youths.  They provide positive programs to address social development, family involvement, adaptive skill building, academic recovery, employment readiness and cultural enrichment.  Wayne Uplift Resources Association, Inc. is a county-wide program designed to combat domestic violence and assist families in developing strong units through cooperation and collaboration. 
The Carver Alumni has as its greatest emphasis the educational growth of the community.  Exposure to basic skills, self-help programs, current technology and the arts are at the core of the Carver alumni philosophy.